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My friend A came up for the weekend, which has been lovely. My favorite part though was my cats reaction. My guest bed... it's not set up and so I just said, crawl into bed with me plenty of pillows blanket etc.

When we went to bed.. Habibah slept on A despite my calling her and whistling for her.. nothing. Fine what ever I can cope I'm a big girl. ...

So, we wake up this AM, it's 730 and I feed the cats. A is still asleep... Adora curls up on the couch next to me, and I'm happily listening to Harry Potter, and I don't uh totally notice where Habibah is. So... at 10 when A wakes up she comes down laughing.

Evidently Habibah had curled up on A thinking that she was me. So when A woke up and sat up promptly, she was *very* offended and did a double take and then started at A like she was demon spawn.... the demon "Not the momma!"

Thank god my cat can't wield a frying pan...

Habibah hasn't really forgiven anyone today. She has been stompy and staring in that betrayed way.

Lord, I love my cats... both of them. Adora of course has been a cuddle butt any time soemone sits still long enough to be cuddled up to.
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